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Frankfurt Executives in Canada

Sep 14, 2017


At its annual general meeting of 14 September 2017, ANEL, the national association of French-language book publishers, was very pleased to welcome two envoys from the Frankfurt Book Fair. President Juergen Boos and Thomas Minkus, Vice-President for North American Affairs based in New York, made a presentation on Canada’s nomination as the international book event’s Guest of Honour for 2020.

Publishers attending the meeting gave their guests a warm reception and had an opportunity to ask their questions about the project. Caroline Fortin and Gillian Fizet, respectively the President and Executive Director of Canada FBM2020, used the occasion to explain their plans in detail and invite the publishers to participate in preparations for the 2020 fair.

Left to right in the photograph are Thomas Minkus; José Borghino, Secretary General of the International Publishers Association (IPA); Gillian Fizet; Juergen Boos; Caroline Fortin and Richard Prieur, ANEL’s Executive Director.