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2020 “Special Edition” of the Frankfurt Book Fair: Literary Program, Industry Featured Events and Launch of the German Booksellers Campaign

Oct 9, 2020 in Event Updates.


Sylvia Yang. Unsplash

Mini Literary Documentaries and An Exclusive Conversation with Margaret Atwood

The virtual literary program that features authors and illustrators from Canada’s official literary delegation will be released on October 14, the opening day of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The three mini-documentaries will be available on our website under the Virtual Program section of our events page, and will also appear in the Fair’s Bookfest Digital‘s program on October 17.

Our mini-documentaries are structured around three themes: “Hope Against Despair”, “We Contain Multitudes” and “Picture Perfect.” The film crew we worked with met with Alix Ohlin, Catherine Hernandez, David Alexander Robertson, Esi Edugyan, Guillaume Perreault, Jocelyne Saucier, Joshua Whitehead, Kim Thúy and Sydney Smith in their local areas to gather their thoughts on these themes.

In addition, we are offering viewers an exclusive conversation with Margaret Atwood led by writer Charles Foran during which she discusses the topics of this year’s literary program.

To learn more about Canada’s virtual literary and cultural program at the Fair, please follow this link.

Canadian Book Publishing Industry Events

Many events featuring members of the Canadian book industry are listed in the events calendar available on Canada FBM2020’s website. These events are also promoted online on the Frankfurt Book Fair events calendar.

German Booksellers Campaign: Let’s Get It Started!

Canada FBM2020 has begun its German booksellers campaign for 2020. A digital catalogue is now available for booksellers to learn about all the available Canadian titles translated into German. We are working with a German firm that has experience with previous featured Guest of Honour countries to support the efforts of German publishers and our collaborators who are publishing Canadian titles on the German market this fall and winter. With the goal of generating book sales to create economic returns for the Canadian publishing industry, we will continue this booksellers campaign until the 2021 Frankfurt Book Fair. A print edition of the translated titles catalogue will be released next spring.

Rights Catalogue

The presence of the Canadian publishing industry at this year’s and next year’s Frankfurt Book Fairs is an opportunity to further promote the available rights for Canadian titles. Carefully selected by Canadian publishers and literary agents, all the titles in Canada FBM2020’s online rights catalogue are available for the German market. The information in the online rights catalogue is updated regularly. We invite Canadian publishers and literary agents to keep providing or updating their available titles in our Rights catalogue here.

Photo: Sylvia Yang on Unsplash