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April News

May 3, 2021 in Industry News.


Newly Released : Singular Plurality – Singulier Pluriel, a publication representing Canada’s presence as Guest of Honour

Singular Plurality – Singulier Pluriel  is the result of a special collaboration between Canada FBM2021, partners of the Guest of Honour project, and participating Canadian authors and illustrators alongside their publishing teams. The magazine which is written in German, now available in a digital edition, presents the regions of Canada and the diversity of its literary landscape, voices, and genres through text, portraits, and interviews with authors and illustrators of the official literary delegation and other Canadian authors familiar to the German public. The magazine also includes a catalogue listing the more than 300 books currently published and to be released in German in 2020 and 2021.

A virtual launch event is planned for the end of May to promote the print edition’s release in Germany. Singular Plurality – Singulier Pluriel  is also available in a digital edition.

View the PDF Version Here

Q&A Session for Members of the Literary Delegation and their Representatives

On April 22, Canada FBM2021 held an information session for members of the official literary delegation, and their agents, and publishers. The objective of this session was to answer questions and address any administrative and contractual concerns the delegates and their representatives may have had. It was also an opportunity to inform the delegation of the current state of affairs related to the Guest of Honour project and upcoming activities.

If you are an author, illustrator, publisher or agent and have questions, please contact a member of our team directly or email info[at]

Events in Germany

In April and May, Canada FBM2021 will continue to promote the members of the official literary delegation and Canadian titles translated into German to media, booksellers, and readers in Germany to continue to deliver our main objective: increasing export revenues for Canadian publishers, agents, authors, and illustrators.  

Literary Crush Series   

  • With this series of virtual events targeted at German booksellers and media, an author well-known to the German public showcases a less familiar voice from the official literary delegation. Enjoy a recording from the first event, held on April 21, where Catherine Hernandez led a conversation between Michael Crummey and his two “literary crushes”: Michelle Winters and Alix Ohlin. This event was held in English for the benefit of the authors who participated as well as the exclusively English and German speaking audience. You can turn on the French subtitles generated by the video player directly in the settings. The next edition featuring author Kim Thúy will be conducted in French.

Virtual Magazine Launch   

  • German media and booksellers will be invited to a virtual event to celebrate the launch of the Singular Plurality – Singulier Pluriel magazine and the new spring releases of Canadian titles in German. Authors André Alexis, Jocelyne Saucier, poet Joséphine Bacon and cartoonist Seth, who all contributed to the magazine, will participate in a discussion moderated by Waubgeshig Rice.

Influencer Campaign   

  • Under the campaign slogan “Buch jetzt! Und lies Dich nach Kanada” (“Book now, and read your way to Canada!”), German influencers in the cultural and literary sphere will feature Canadian works and authors/illustrators of the official literary delegation on their social media platforms.

Stay Tuned…

In June, Canada FBM2021 will participate in an event organized by the Western German branch of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels (the national association of German publishers and booksellers) for their members. The presentation will provide members with information about Canada’s Guest of Honour project and the translated Canadian titles including new releases available on the German market.

The Canada FBM2021 team is partnering with a German social platform for readers to create a landing page with links to all translated Canadian titles released in 2020 and 2021 available for sale on e-commerce platforms. This page will be part of our promotional efforts to direct readers in Germany to purchase books online, while also encouraging them to visit and support their local bookstores.