Author Marie-Claire Blais

Marie-Claire Blais. Credit: Jill Glessing

Photo: Jill Glessing

Novelist, Poet and Playwright

Born in Quebec City in 1939. Marie-Claire Blais is one of the greatest writers of her generation. Her prolific writing career has earned her numerous awards in Canada and Europe: Médicis (1966) for Une saison dans la vie d’Emmanuel, Prix Anaïs-Ségalas de l’Académie française (1983) for Visions d’Anna, Prix David, Prix de l’Union latine, Prix Prince-Pierre-de-Monaco and the Governor General’s Award (four times). Her novel Soifs (These Festive Nights, published by House of Anansi), which will be published in Germany in September 2020 by Suhrkamp, will also be translated into Spanish, Italian and Romanian in the coming years.


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