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Martine Delvaux


Martine Delvaux. Credit: Valérie Lebrun.

Photo: Valérie Lebrun

Feminist Novelist, Essayist and Intellectual - Quebec

Martine Delvaux is a leading figure in feminist intellectual and committed literature. She is the author of nearly 15 novels and essays, including: Le boys club (Remue-ménage, 2019), Les filles en série: des Barbies aux Pussy Riot (Remue-ménage, new expanded edition, 2018), Thelma, Louise et moi (Héliotrope, 2018) and Blanc dehors (Héliotrope, 2015) for which she was a finalist for the Governor General Award and the Prix des libraires. She is a professor of literature and women’s studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

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