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Authors and Illustrators

The official literary delegation representing Canada at the Frankfurt Bookfair in 2021

Alain Deneault. Credit: Faustine Lefranc.

Essayist and Professor of Philosophy - Quebec

Alain Deneault

Alix Holin. Credit: Emily Cooper.

Fiction writer - Colombie-Britannique

Alix Ohlin


Author - Ontario

André Alexis

Annie L'Italien. Credit: Maxyme G. Delisle.

Author and Communication Consultant - Quebec

Annie L’Italien

Antonine Maillet. Credit: Paul Labelle.

Acadian, Quebec and Canadian Novelist and Playwright - New Brunswick

Antonine Maillet

Ashley Spires. Credit: Hayley Hudson.

Award-Winning Children’s Author/Illustrator - British Columbia

Ashley Spires

Aviaq Johnston. Credit: Glen Johnston.

Inuk Author - Nunavut

Aviaq Johnston

Billy-Ray Belcourt. Credit: Tenille Campbell

Cree Poet and Essayist - Alberta

Billy-Ray Belcourt

Canisia Lubrin. Credit: Samuel Engelking.

Author, Poet, Editor, Teacher - Ontario

Canisia Lubrin

Catherine Hernandez. Credit: Marko Kovacevic.

Author and Screenwriter - Ontario

Catherine Hernandez

Catherine Mavrikakis. Credit: Sandra Lachance.

Novelist and Essayist - Quebec

Catherine Mavrikakis

Christian Guay-Poliquin. Credit: Laurence Grandbois-Bernard

Author - Quebec

Christian Guay-Poliquin