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Authors and Illustrators

The official literary delegation who represented Canada at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2021.

Please note that as of October 24th, 2021, Canada’s role as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair has concluded. The information on this and any related pages is no longer being updated and serves only as a record of past activities.

Alain Deneault. Credit: Faustine Lefranc.

Essayist and Professor of Philosophy - Quebec

Alain Deneault

Alix Holin. Credit: Emily Cooper.

Fiction writer - Colombie-Britannique

Alix Ohlin


Author - Ontario

André Alexis

Annie L'Italien. Credit: Maxyme G. Delisle.

Author and Communication Consultant - Quebec

Annie L’Italien

Antonine Maillet. Credit: Paul Labelle.

Acadian, Quebec and Canadian Novelist and Playwright - New Brunswick

Antonine Maillet

Ashley Spires. Credit: Hayley Hudson.

Award-Winning Children’s Author/Illustrator - British Columbia

Ashley Spires

Aviaq Johnston. Credit: Glen Johnston.

Inuk Author - Nunavut

Aviaq Johnston

Billy-Ray Belcourt. Credit: Tenille Campbell

Cree Poet and Essayist - Alberta

Billy-Ray Belcourt

Canisia Lubrin. Credit: Samuel Engelking.

Author, Poet, Editor, Teacher - Ontario

Canisia Lubrin

Catherine Hernandez. Credit: Marko Kovacevic.

Author and Screenwriter - Ontario

Catherine Hernandez

Catherine Mavrikakis. Credit: Sandra Lachance.

Novelist and Essayist - Quebec

Catherine Mavrikakis

Christian Guay-Poliquin. Credit: Laurence Grandbois-Bernard

Author - Quebec

Christian Guay-Poliquin