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Art show of winter

In Education, Indigenous, Women


Credit: TSU North/Travel Yukon


As winter comes to an end, the long dark days finally start to see the light of the Yukon sun. So what better time for Megan Jensen, a Formline Tlingit artist, to tell the story of how Raven brought light to the world. But first, she needed a canvas. So as the days grew longer and the long awaited sun signaled the change of season, Megan set out to create her biggest art piece to date. Hear Megan Jensen, a Formline Tlingit artist, tell Raven’s story, and watch her shed light on the time-honoured art of the Tlingit people in this award winning video.


This video was commissioned by Tourism Yukon, created by Cossette and produced by TSU North in partnership with Megan Jensen. It was created on a lake within the traditional territories of the Carcross Tagish and Kwanlin Dün First Nations and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council.


Sep 28 - Oct 31


English, French