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“Meet & Greet” series: Reflections on Gender – Canada-Spain

In LGBTQ2+, Women


Photo: Vanessa Heins


A 30-min. discussion with Vivek Shraya, Canadian author, artist and musician, in conversation with Spanish author and novelist Karmele Jaio. Both Karmele Jaio and Vivek Shraya, though from different points of view (feminist and transgender), feel the need to review the ways in which we construct gender identities. Karmele and Vivek have found different ways of exploring the complexities of conforming female identity in patriarchal societies and how these “archetypes” are displaced within the family environment. Both ask about the way in which one “learns” to be a man or a woman.


Canada FBM2021


Oct 22, 5:00am EST/Oct 22, 11:00 CET


Guest of Honour Pavilion, Frankfurter Buchmesse, Forum 1


English, French, German