B3 The Biennale of Moving Image 2020 – Competition and Film Program

October 09 - October 18

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Ash, 2019, 104 min, directed by Andrew Huculiak

Reporting from the frontlines of the Okanagan wildfires, Stan (Tim Guinee) documents uncommon heroism on his blog while hoping for a big break that will make him a household name beyond Peachland, British Columbia. When he is accused of a disturbing crime that damages his marriage and reputation, however, he must scramble to salvage what is left of his life.

Guest of Honour, 2019, 120 min, directed by Atom Egoyan

Veronica wants to remain in jail for a sexual assault she knows she’s been wrongfully indicted for. She and her father, Jim, find themselves acting out of the bounds of good behavior as the past haunts them.

Nadia Butterfly, 2020, 107 min, directed by Pascal Plante

While young and in her prime, Nadia decides to retire from pro swimming after the Olympic Games to escape a rigid life of sacrifice. After her very last race, Nadia drifts into nights of excess punctuated by episodes of self-doubt. But even this transitional numbness cannot conceal her true inner quest: defining her identity outside the world of elite sports.

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Presented by B3 The Biennale of Moving Image with the support of Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain and Telefilm Canada

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Andrew Huculiak, Atom Egoyan, Pascal Plante